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Target audience

This program is for people who were raised in a Spanish household or in a Latin American country until childhood, and received the majority of their formal education in English.


Participants learn and practice important elements of the language system through writing (orthography, grammar and accentuation) while learning about the varieties of the Spanish language. Differences between the Spanish spoken in and outside the United States are addressed as well as the overall formality of the Spanish language and its social usage. At the same time, participants enrich their vocabulary through discussions on current topics. 


Courses offered: there are three different courses of thirty hours each for this program. Participants are assessed and placed in each course depending on their linguistic background. 


A 30-hour course for a group of up to 20 participants:  $3,600

A 15-hour course fee for a group of up to 20 participants: $ 1,800

($6 per hour per student)

Materials (books) are not included in these fees.


Different formats are possible, for example a two-hour session per week.


Any location with a well equipped classroom (or through zoom)

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