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Invierno PUMA

In this program you will be able to participate in various socio-cultural immersion activities that will help you improve your communication skills in English, as well as develop a greater sensitivity towards American culture. In this program you will visit museums, cultural events, commercial establishments, and meet with native speakers. Much more will be organized in order to expose you to real situations in which you can interact with Chicagoans in their own language. You will be guided by a facilitator from UNAM Chicago, a native English speaker specialized in teaching English as a second language.

Course Price:

$400 USD

*20% disccount for UNAM Community

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About the program

Improve your social interaction and communication skills in English this summer. Participate in various socio-cultural immersion activities that will allow you to develop a greater understanding of American culture. This program will reinforce your knowledge of the language under the supervision of English-speaking facilitators who are experts in teaching English as a second language and will expose you to everyday situations so that you can practice it. 


Total cost of the In-person program: $400 USD 

20% discount for students, teachers,

and the UNAM community 


Program calendar

Program date: January 10 to 24, 2024  

Registration period: October 16 to November 10, 2023 

The student must cover the expenses of the plane, airport transfers and accommodations, meals, medical insurance and contemplate expenses such as entrance to tourist sites in the city and events not programmed in the calendar.

The program can change one month before it starts. Please do not buy a plane ticket until you receive confirmation. If there is any reason that prevents the course from being carried out as planned, 100% of the cost of the course will be refunded. 

Registration process

Registration process: 

1) Fill out the registration application

2) Pay your course in the button "Payment"

3) Send your proof of payment to the following email address: 

To obtain the UNAM community discount, you must send us a copy of your valid credentials to obtain the discount code.

Quota: The in-presence program opens with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 students. In case we don’t reach the minimum number of participants, the course will be canceled and the payment of those who have registered will be reimbursed. 

Important notice: It is necessary to wait for the confirmation of the opening of the course before proceeding with the purchase of the plane ticket. Confirmation will be made after the minimum number of registered participants has been reached.

Note on accommodation

UNAM Chicago does not have its own dormitories. Here are some suggestions for accommodation. The information that we offer is simply for the purpose of guidance and is of a public nature, therefore we are not responsible for the services offered nor do we guarantee availability. It is necessary to contact the person in charge of the chosen accommodation directly. 

Fieldhouse Jones 

312 W Chestnut, IL 60610 

Tel. 001-312-291-9922 

Hostelling International-Chicago. 

24 E Congress Pkwy 

Chicago, IL 60605

Tel. 001-312-360-0300

University Center 

525 South State Street Chicago, IL 60605 

Tel. 877 4 UCC INFO

Freehand Chicago 

19 East Ohio Street 

Chicago, IL 60611 



What should I have before traveling?

Have a valid visa. Having international medical insurance will be essential for your participation in the program. A good option is Mundo Joven, which has offices within the Ciudad Universitaria campus and offers options for students abroad. You can also check with the airlines or credit cards that offer this type of service during your trip.


What other expenses do I have to consider?

  • Medical insurance

  • Housing and meals

  • Transportation

  • ​Personal expenses

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