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José Emilio Pacheco Library inaugurated in Chicago

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

The name of one of the most distinguished graduates of UNAM, who was also director of the University Magazine and was granted the Honoris Causa degree, is now linked, more than ever, to the Windy City, one of the writer's favorite cities, according to his daughter Laura Emilia Pacheco, during the inauguration event of the Library of the Instituto Cervantes of Chicago (IC).

Within the framework of the alliance that UNAM and the Cervantes Institute have nourished for many years, this event represented another opportunity to strengthen the academic and cultural ties between the two entities. Anastasio Sánchez, director of the IC in Chicago and other authorities of the Institute in the US and Spain, such as its general director, the poet Luis García Montero convened distinguished members of the community to address the audience.

During his speech, Guillermo Pulido, director of UNAM Chicago, thanked the Cervantes Institute for the tribute it pays to the Mexican writer by naming its library after the illustrious writer and alluded to historic events and seminars that the UNAM representations in the United States have organized around emblematic figures of Mexican literature such as the one honored on this occasion. He characterized the writer as a critical and honest figure as well as eloquent and with a high aesthetic sense and he acknowledged the presence of José Emilio´s daughters, Cecilia and Laura Emilia Pacheco at the event.

As part of the program, the bibliographic exhibition José Emilio Pacheco. Eight decades of play and affection was inaugurated, a look back at two central aspects in the author's life are highlighted: childhood, in conjunction with early adolescence and academic aspects of his life.

The program also included the musical interpretation of poems by the writer, a documentary, readings of poems, as well as three messages from distinguished figures of Mexican literature such as Dr. Rosa Beltrán, writer, academic and winner of the José Emilio Pacheco Award for Excellence in Literature 2022; Elena Poniatowska, Mexican writer and the journalist and widow of the writer, Cristina Pacheco.

At the heart of the event was a round table in which Luis García Montero, outstanding poet and Laura Emilia Pacheco, also a writer and daughter of the honoree, participated.

The Consulate General of Mexico, diplomats, and specialists from Latin America took part in the event, as well as representatives of the National Museum of Mexican Art and The Newberry Library, all of them collaborators and strategic allies of UNAM Chicago.

UNAM Chicago was pleased to have participated in this celebration. Being dedicated to the writer José Emilio Pacheco, is also a recognition of the modern Mexican literature that has so inspired our Spanish-speaking societies and raised high the name of our university.

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