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Oaxaca is the perfect setting for a dialogue on sacred places

Sacred spaces are thresholds, but also borders where there are limits, but they also expand in immaterial planes, they are found in symbolic dichotomies that are transformed when we move from one territory to another, reflected Angélica Velázquez Guadarrama, director of the Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas (IIE), at the opening of the International Colloquium Sacred Spaces. Thresholds and Borders.

At the San Pablo Cultural Center in Oaxaca, Velazquez Guadarrama, who is also a researcher, pointed out that the meeting aims at addressing the complexity of different artistic and cultural expressions based on studies carried out in Mexico, the United States, Spain and Peru, as well as the relations that are interwoven with other parts of the world.

"Oaxaca is the perfect setting for a dialogue on sacred spaces, a territory defined by the sacredness of its sites and traditions, its ethnic and cultural diversity, its sonority, its uses and customs. It is the sacred area that invites us to be part of its rituality and to share new studies and another perspective," he commented.

During the inauguration, broadcast via YouTube, Erika Erdely Ruiz, academic secretary of the UNAM-Chicago branch, emphasized that the IIE has a tradition of collaboration with Chicago and the compatriots who live there. Thirty percent of the population in the U.S. city is of Latino origin and more than 90% of them are Mexicans.

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