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Two graduate students take their online exam in UNAM Chicago

Updated: May 19, 2023

Two graduates from UNAM took their professional exam online in the Chicago branch Adriana Peguero Ceja took the exam to get her Bachelor's degree of Spanish Teaching as a Foreign Language, through the Open University and Distance Education System (Universidad abierta y Educación a Distancia) of the FES-Acatlán-UNAM.

She graduated with the dissertation: What and Which: uses, contrast and teaching in the ELE classroom with English-speaking students. (Qué y Cuál: usos, contraste y enseñanza de la clase de ELE con estudiantes angloparlantes)

Estefanía Blancas García, from the neighboring state of Michigan, also took her professional exam in our premises.

She submitted the thesis: Presentation and critique of the article "Biotechnology: the revolution that the bioartifacts gave us was a molecular one. (Exposición y crítica del artículo “Biotecnología: la revolución que nos dio bioartefactos fue molecular). Estefania received a Bachelor's degree in History from the School of Philosophy and Literature.

Both students expressed their joy and gratitude to UNAM Chicago for allowing them to complete this process despite the distance.

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