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UNAM and the University of Chicago advancecooperation in Quantum Computing

Recently, UNAM Chicago organized a visit of executives from UNAM´s Center for Advanced Computing Studies (CECAv) to the University of Chicago, from which several commitments emerged. Among them, the participation in keynote lectures by some of their most prominent experts in the field with more than 700 hundred students registered. The latter is a testament of the growing cooperation between both universities. Quantum computing is a tool that utilizes properties of quantum mechanics, with which it is possible to create algorithms capable of performing certain tasks at a much faster speed than classical algorithms used in our current computers. Among the most important applications of quantum computing are the search for new materials, mathematical optimization, cybersecurity, optical communications, and quantum machine learning. There is no doubt that quantum computing is a reality, it is on the rise, and it is being developed and used by major companies and universities worldwide; its potential is enormous, and Mexico must not remain indifferent to the development of Quantum Science and Engineering.

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