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UNAM Chicago begins its remote social service program

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Students from the Schools of Accounting and Administration, Political and Social Sciences, Engineering, Pedagogy and FES Acatlán were selected to start with the Remote Social Service Program, carried out by the UNAM Chicago.

Starting March 1st of this year, twelve graduates and students of the last semesters of different career paths will be supporting the activities of the headquarters from various states of the country such as Oaxaca and Mexico City.

During the welcoming event, , the academic secretary, Ph.D Erika Erdely, explained that the program seeks to improve and capitalize the skills and learning of the participants, for which they were assigned tasks focused on their areas of knowledge, hence ensuring better results for UNAM Chicago.

Those students who desire, may also enjoy learning the English language while performing their social service duties adding to an international experience that will have an impact on their resume.

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