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UNAM Chicago participates in Discovery Partners board meeting

The director of UNAM Chicago, Guillermo Pulido, and the Coordinator of Outreach, Alberto Foncerrada, participated in the Discovery Partners Institute's board meeting, which brings together representatives from different universities, specialists in technology and innovation, as well as some representatives from the private sector.

In the inaugural session, the President of the University of Illinois System, Timothy Killeen, referred to the very fortunate alliance they have created with UNAM, which is reflected in several research projects. He highlighted that Chicago will host the Congress on Innovation and Research for Sustainability 2025 and asked the institutions to join this initiative.

Working meeting with the Chancellor of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

A meeting was held with the recently designated Chancellor of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Marie Lynn Miranda, where the vast work that UNAM has been organizing with this institution on many different fronts was presented. Guillermo Pulido took the opportunity to extend an invitation to chancellor Miranda to visit UNAM, who showed great interest in the matter. Also present at the meeting were representatives from UIC's Office of Global Affairs and Erika Erdely, UNAM Chicago's academic secretary.

UNAM Chicago proposals at UIC Seminar on Mental Health in Migrant Communities.

With the goal of creating a network of researchers, practitioners and advocates from the United States and Mexico to discuss the best ways to support the mental health of Latino migrants, the Mental Health and Wellness Symposium was held in the city of Chicago on August 29th of this year.

During the event, participants from UNAM Chicago exchanged ideas for collaboration with panelists from the University of Illinois, including:

1) to organize a meeting with UNAM Psychology Graduate students and specialists from the University of Illinois to collaborate in the delivery of mental health workshops to people in charge of Community Services at Centro Romero, one of the institutions that provides immediate support to newly arrived migrants;

2) to create a short immersion program for UNAM psychology students with lectures and exchanges with students, professors and professionals from the UIC area who work in the field of mental health and community care.

As part of IMMAS (Illinois Mexican and Mexican-American Student Initiative), this hybrid seminar was held to present the results of research by academics from the University of Illinois System aimed at creating strategies and methodologies to intervene more effectively in Latino communities, with the necessary tools to address the many challenges faced by both those who have migrated in the past years and those who are serving migrants today in a time of migration crisis in the region and particularly in the city of Chicago.

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