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UNAM participates in commemorations of Indigenous Peoples Day

As part of the celebrations of Indigenous Peoples Day, an event was held last week at St. Augustine College, bringing together specialists and leaders of community organizations, and featuring artistic performances. The event was inaugurated by the President of the academic institution, Dr. Reyes González. Representing UNAM, Dr. Berenice Alcántara Rojas from the Institute of Historical Research took us on a journey through time, exploring episodes that marked our origins as a nation in her presentation, "Indigenous Peoples in Mexico at 500 years."

The Executive Director of the Romero Center, Daysi Funes, who was recently awarded the Alfonso García Robles Recognition, gave a presentation on the significant challenges faced by indigenous populations when migrating to the United States. Additionally, the President of the Latin America Matters organization at the University of Chicago, Chilean José Antonio Kast Adriasola, celebrated the great diversity and richness that distinguishes our nations. The closing remarks were delivered by the Consul of Protection at the Consulate General of Mexico in Chicago, Saúl Juárez.

After the academic presentations, the audience had the opportunity to enjoy indigenous dances and melodies from Oaxaca and Michoacán."

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