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We had a great turnout for the opening of our exhibit “Huellas” by Colombian Juan Carlos OspinaOrtiz

The event was also a bittersweet ocassion as we got to formally say goodbye to Ambassador Dixon Moya, Consul of Colombia an outstanding diplomat, a wonderful person and a champion of UNAM Chicago and the dissemination of Latin American culture. As the Ambassador said in his remarks “This exhibition could not have a better name, because the paintings are the footprints and handprints of an artist and a walker Master Juan Carlos Ospina Ortiz has developed a good part of his artistic career in Spain, a country in which he received important recognition in a series of postage stamps and his works have been exhibited in galleries in Europe, America and Asia. The quality of his art is undeniable and is only comparable to his modesty, as well as his impressive capacity for work, which is reflected today on the walls of UNAM Chicago”.

The exhibit will only be on display from March 23rd to the 31st (9 am to 5pm).

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