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We will miss you, Alejandro

Alejandro Cárdenas Belmont is a graduate of the FCA UNAM's Bachelor's Degree in Administration and one of our scholarship recipients at UNAM Chicago, from the Program for the Promotion of Academic Activities Abroad.

For Alejandro, the most rewarding part of this experience has been testing his knowledge in an international environment, and the biggest challenge: adapting to living and working in an unfamiliar country with a new language.

Alejandro's work at UNAM Chicago, due to his youth and preparation, overcame all the challenges and was decisive in the planning and organization of programs such as the Professional Visits and the Verano Puma

Alejandro not only put his knowledge into practice and improved his English, he also did a written work that will allow him to get his degree.

This is one of the great international mobility programs that #UNAM offers its students for their professional development!

UNAM sedes en el extranjero

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