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Yucatan in Chicago

Last week, in a way, was devoted to the beautiful Mexican state of Yucatán as we celebrated the opening of the photo exhibit YUCATÁN en CHICAGO by photojournalist Esteban Dupinet. The evening gathered community members and students in our main gallery, all who had a chance to enjoy the breathtaking photos of Mr. Dupinet including his flamingos, the landscape, the cenotes and the inhabitants of the land. The exhibit was preceded the day before by a roundtable at Northeastern Illinois University entitled Yucatán en Chicago, Scholarly Perspectives on People, Land and Language, where experts shared their knowledge on different aspects of life in the peninsula such as the Yucatec Maya Language and Cultural Production by PhD Sarah Bey West, Associate Professor of Spanish and Archeological Perspectives on Change in the Yucatán Peninsula by PhD John Hageman Professor of Anthropology, both from Northeastern Illinois University, as well as UNAM´s very own PhD Adam Temple Researcher at CEPHC.

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