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Dissident Voices and Female voices in Mexican L.

Dissident Voices and Female voices in Mexican L.


Dissident voices and female voices in Mexican literature


Participants will read and comment on the importance of literature written by women and by sexual minorities in Mexico.

Literary work from authors such as Inés Arredondo, Elena Garro, Luis Zapata, and Jorge López Páez will be analyzed. 


A high-intermediate level of Spanish is required.

A high-intermediate level of proficiency in Spanish is required.


1. If the course is cancelled by UNAM Chicago, there will be a refund for 100% of the tuition paid.

2. If a student requests a refund within 7 days of the first day of class, a 100% refund applies.

3. If a student requests a refund within the first week of class, there will be a tuition refund subject to a 20% administrative fee.

4. No refund requests will be considered after the first week of class, whether or not the student attended any classes.

5. No refunds are honored for books under any circumstances.

6. No refunds will be honored for sessions or classes that a student misses.

7. In case of private lessons, payment and refund policies 2 and 3 apply. A student may cancel a session until 24 hours in advance. If not cancelled, UNAM will consider the session attended without an option for refund. A student will have to complete their private lessons within 3 months of the payment date.

8. All refund requests MUST be made in writing to UNAM Chicago’s administrative office via email to,
during office hours, Monday – Friday, 9:30 am - 5 pm

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