This program offers participants the opportunity to develop oral and written abilities for daily activities through six levels of proficiency organized as follow:


1) Introductory (30 hours)


2) Basic 1, 2, 3 & 4 (30 hrs. each)


3) Pre -Intermediate and Conversational Spanish for Advanced beginners (30 hrs. each)


4) Intermediate 1, 2 & 3 and Conversational Spanish  for Independent users (30 hrs. each)


5) Advanced 1, 2 & 3 and Lengua y cultura mexicana parts 1 & 2 (30 hrs. each) 


6) Superior A, B & C (30 hours each)


We ARE BACK to in-person courses this fall!

AND we will continue with our online classes




Please be informed:

- Participants must start and end a course one way only: in-person or online.

- Participants cannot switch from in-person to online classes or vice versa. 

- All courses are open subject to enrollment (at least three students per course).

- All times are Central Time








Following the CDC recommendations, only fully vaccinated participants wearing a mask are welcome to our facilities!

    In-person courses once a week

Enrollment: August 30- September 20

Early bird: August 30- September 16

In-person courses twice a week

Enrollment: August 30- October 13

Early bird: August 30-October 4



Enrollment: August 30- October 13

Early bird: August 30- October 4

If you want more information about CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH COURSE go here:

Tuition and books

Fees are the same for online and in-person courses

Tuition (per course): $350 USD


Printed books are paid online only:

*For in-person courses books will be given in the classrooms.

*For online courses books will be sent via USPS.


Electronic books:



Participants interested in joining any of our Spanish courses (online or in-person)  need to complete an interview. Participants with previous Spanish language experience are advised to take our placement test.  Placement tests and interviews are online and by appointment.


Schedule your oral interview here:

Please, make sure to specify the program you are interested in when you reserve your interview. Once you complete your reservation, you will receive an email with further information to complete the placement test.


Transcripts are available once coursework has ended. 

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