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Target audience

Participants with an intermediate-high and an advanced level of Spanish, heritage speakers, and native speakers of Spanish who have lived in the US for a long time.


Participants strengthen their writing skills and create different types of texts to increase their knowledge and control of grammar, spelling and punctuation in Spanish, while increasing advanced vocabulary usage. 

This course is taught online (Moodle) to allow participants to work at their own pace with the support of a tutor through the duration of the course. The course can be completed  over a minimum of five weeks, but participants can complete it over a longer period of time. About 40 hours of individual work are required to complete the course.

We offer this program to organizations and educational institutions interested in providing these courses to their students or teachers in partnership with UNAM. 


A 40-hour course for a group of up to 30 participants: $950 ($32 per course per person in a group of 30)

All materials included. 


Different formats are possible, for example a two-hour session per week.


This course is taught online. Participants must have access to a computer and internet access. There is a team of instructors at UNAM Mexico (CUAIEED) monitoring participants progress and providing support at all times.

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